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Stop interrupting,
and start being
what people are looking for

Our mission

After nearly three decades as a marketer advising some of the world’s biggest brands, I have witnessed one enduring universal truth - embracing humanity fuels success

I launched Sister to help brands stop interrupting what people are looking for and start being what people are looking for, using radically human-centric brand storytelling strategies. For customers, for employees, for the world

Because when brands are more human, businesses, people and culture thrive


Human-centric Brand Storytelling



Brand Storytelling Strategy

A compelling human-centric brand storytelling strategy has the power to transform growth within your organization. When delivered holistically across employee and market touch-points, studies show outcomes are magnified, inspiring and motivating employees and customers alike

A galvanising brand vision unites teams, fosters purpose, and cultivates strong customer connections, driving loyalty and engagement. Ultimately, a well-defined 360 degree brand vision strategy serves as a guiding light, propelling your organization towards sustainable success


People & Culture Stories

Numerous studies underscore the pivotal role of company culture in driving business success. However, shockingly, as many as 9/10 individuals express dissatisfaction with their jobs


When organizational values and vision remain confined to paper, employees sense a gap in authenticity, leading to a loss of trust in leadership. Combined with remote working trends, the outcome is often sluggish productivity

Human-centric brand-employee communication serves as the catalyst that breathes life into company culture, fuelling positive performance throughout the entire employee journey




Sales & Marketing Stories

Switched-on contemporary marketers are recognizing the potency of putting human-centric storytelling at the heart of brand communication strategies, moving beyond product-centric promotion, to explore real people’s needs, experiences, journeys, and the brand’s impact on lives and communities

Human-centric marketing strategies supercharge performance, by fostering a deep human connection between the brand and its audience, enhancing both organic and paid content effectiveness, and acting as a powerful catalyst for engagement, loyalty and ultimately, growth

The Sisterhood Talent Platform

Flexible, integrated human-centric marketing solutions - from one-off creative campaigns to data-driven strategic marketing models - are delivered by The Sisterhood Talent platform, a highly collaborative and agile community of contemporary creative and strategic capabilities

Brand experience

Premier Foods Marketing agency
Ernst & Young marketing agency
St James's Place Marketing agency
Twinings marketing agency
Weightwatchers marketing agency
NatWest marketing agency
Hyatt marketing agency
IOD marketing agency
Waitrose marketing agency
Ecco marketing agency
Dobbies marketing agency
Sainsbury's marketing agency
Bentley Marketing agency
Next marketing agency
Burgess yachts marketing agency

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